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Welcome to our web site

Please have a look around and give us a call or drop us an email to make an appointment.  We cater for most breeds and sizes, but unfortunately not large/heavy dogs any longer, or hand stripped dogs.

If your dog has been splashing around and got in a mess, call us and your dog can have an invigorating shower in one of our hydro-massage baths to get cleaned up.

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 Open Tuesday to Friday

First appointment from 9am, last appointment to finish by 6pm (4pm Friday)

Please note if calling later in the day, we may have already closed depending on when our last dog of the day was finished.

** Please note we re-opened on Tuesday 19th January, but only for WELFARE GROOMING.  Important: please read the 15th January post at the bottom of this page**

We only accept payment by debit/credit cards and Apple/Samsung/Google Pay.

Please note we no longer accept payment by cash or cheque.

As an email spam reduction measure, please type the following contact address to email us:

But wait, before you email, remember it is ALWAYS quicker to phone for appointment enquiries, as we can tell you right away what slots we have available and offer one to suit you.  It's MUCH easier than playing email, text or FaceBook message ping-pong!

Please note that if you call late in the working day, we may have already left depending on when our last booked dog was finished. In that case you will be called back the next working day.

A printable PDF of our current price guide is available by clicking this text.

Please note that it is advisable to make your appointment well ahead of the date you wish, as we are often fully booked several weeks in advance.  Avoid future disappointment and get peace of mind your dog is regularly maintained by block booking regular appointments. To assist with this, you can download an MS Excel® spreadsheet here which you can save and modify before emailing it back to us.

If you are a new or existing customer, please provide comments and rate our service on our Facebook page.  You can also upload a photo of your dog if you wish.

We are very easy to find, once you realise that the main road through Cockenzie & Port Seton is NOT the High Street but Edinburgh Road/Gosford Road/Links Road.  The High Street links Cockenzie Harbour in the west to Port Seton Harbour in the east.  See the map below:

Click on the map for an interactive Google Map

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Latest Website News:

Thursday 18th March 2021.  Possible date for non-welfare grooms recommencing.

Following the announcement of the revised roadmap for easing of restrictions this week in the Scottish Parliament by the First Minister, we are hopeful to be able to go back to offering normal grooming services from the 26th April.
We are waiting on updated guidance to confirm this, which we do not expect to be published until nearer to this date, or possibly even after it. But fingers crossed that the easing of restrictions that are scheduled before then don't cause this to be delayed. The updated guidance should appear first at this link.
Unless we hear to the contrary before this, it is still Welfare grooms only (see post of 15th Jan).
Until then, keep safe, keep practicing all the precautions we have got used to and get the jab when offered.

Friday 26th February 2021.  Appointment text number change.

The virtual mobile number that is used with our booking software for appointment text messages is being changed from today the 26th February to 07451 287670. Please update it in your phone contacts if you have saved us with the old number 07624 800500.

All texts from us in relation to appointments will be from the new number. Please don't reply to any sent before the 27th February or start a new text after to us using the old number - we won't get it.

Just like the old number, the new number can't be used for voice calls as it's actually an email to text/text to email facility provided by a company called TextMagic. Over the past few months we have heard that a few of our customers could no longer reply to our text messages as the old number was changed by the downstream provider to originate from the Isle of Man. We hadn't been made aware of this change by TextMagic, but after enquiring about it they have confirmed that some mobile operators treat it as an international number, requiring you to have international texting as a feature of your mobile phone package to be able to reply. As we are changing to a new UK origin number, that should no longer be a problem.

Depending on when you make an appointment with us you will receive an appointment confirmation text and upto two reminders for your appointment. During the current Level 4 plus lockdown, our appointment confirmation and reminder messages changed and require you to confirm, cancel or postpone your appointment. If confirming you are attending, you only need to do this once, but please let us know if this changes prior to arriving for your appointment.

Friday 15th January 2021.  We are re-opening for Welfare Grooms only.

It has been established this week that we are not legally required to close so will be RE-OPENING from Tuesday 19th January. But, as we are still in Level 4 plus lockdown and non-essential journeys are illegal, ONLY WELFARE GROOMING IS PERMITTED to relieve discomfort, distress or suffering due to issues such as:

General coat matting, coat build up/mats around eyes/ears/paws/pads/high friction areas/sanitary areas, skin conditions/irritation, infestation, excessive nail length.

Please be aware that where matting is concerned, this will almost always involve close clipping to remove and it is a very high possibility that your dog's coat may be much shorter than you might previously have requested or expected!

Grooming for purely cosmetic or aesthetic reasons is NOT permitted during lockdown and the onus is on you as your dog's owner to determine if it ESSENTIAL under the current restrictions for you have your dog groomed AND to travel.

If you have an existing appointment with us or would like to make a WELFARE appointment it is imperative you read and understand all that follows below, as you will be required to confirm this before arrival at your appointment. If you arrive for an appointment and we have not received a "Confirming appointment" message, or it is determined on arrival your dog does NOT meet any of the WELFARE groom criteria, we CANNOT accept your dog for grooming.

When you receive a text concerning your appointment, you MUST reply using one of the following three options.

"Confirming appointment"
We take this to mean you will be attending your appointment AND you have assessed and determined that your dog definitely needs a WELFARE groom, or it is highly likely that it will become a WELFARE groom within two weeks of your appointment date and cannot be postponed for four or more weeks.

"Please cancel"
We understand your circumstances may change, or you do not want to/cannot travel during the current lockdown restrictions for whatever reason. If you cannot justify now that your dog would be a WELFARE groom for an existing appointment booked before lockdown, please cancel and rebook at a later date when restrictions have eased again. There are no late cancellation fees to pay during this period.

"Postpone appointment"
We will automatically rebook your appointment as near to the same day/time, which will be around 4 weeks later. Please feel free to request a day/time even further on if you wish and we will try to do this as near as we can.

If the lockdown is extended beyond the end of January, then the above appointment text replies will be required for the duration. Hopefully, when the lockdown has been lifted and travel restrictions eased, we should be able to carry out normal appointments again.

Good for your dog's well-being
Rover will love you even more
Odour's eliminated
Old and infirm dogs catered for
Mats all gone
Incredible but true
Nails trimmed and
Gorgeous to go!

Custom Services
We can also provide a custom service to fit your needs.

If there is anything you would like which is not part of our standard services, please discuss this with us and we will do our best to accommodate.


Hot Products

We can supply hand grooming equipment and show you how to use it so you can keep your dogs coat mat free between grooms.  We also stock a range of accessories, dog toys and shampoos.



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