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Full Groom

If you need to get your pet in show trim, to breed standard or it just hasn't been done for a while and a maintenance groom just isn't enough, then we can get him back into shape with a wash, dry, brush out and style.  Eyes, ears, feet and nails will be attended to as well as tidying up around the face and tail to keep your pet in shape.

This is the full works to clean the dogs coat and remove any mats.  Please note that depending on how heavily matted the coat is on examination, additional time and therefore cost may be incurred, so it may not be possible to achieve the desired finish or style you desire.  Whilst your dog is in our temporary care we have a duty to ensure its welfare under section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to relieve any unnecessary suffering, for example, due to excessive mats.

When dealing with heavily matted coats, our priority is for the dogs health and well being first and foremost, and styling has to take second place.  You will be advised of the best course of action for your dog when first examined at your appointment.  There is an extra charge for pre-clipping depending on the size and extent of the matting that needs removed before bathing to cover the extra time as we are clipping your dog twice, plus there is additional wear caused to our clipper blades taking off dirty coats.

Full groom Special Appointments

Breeds that have highly stylised cuts like Poodles, Bichons and Bedlingtons may also require to be booked as a special appointment depending on the style required and the length of growth from the last groom.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and a price estimate.

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  Full Groom Guide Prices

If you need to get your pet in show trim, to breed standard or it just hasn't been done for a while and is beyond basic maintenance, then we can get him back into shape with a wash and conditioning rinse with professional grade products appropriate for your dogs coat and skin type, blow dry, brush out and style. Eyes, ears, feet and nails will be attended to as well as tidying up around the face and tail to keep your pet in shape, all for a fully inclusive price with no hidden extras!

Please note that a nominal £9 charge is added for small/medium dogs and £14 for large/extra large dogs that require to be pre-cut before bathing to remove excess coat or matted coat as we are effectively then clipping the dog twice which requires a longer appointment time.

Large and Extra Large Dogs: Please note that we no longer cater for some large and extra large dogs from December 2016.

Hand stripping: Sorry, we no longer offer this service but have left the text below for information purposes only.

Hand stripping is a time intensive procedure that can only be performed on coats of the correct texture and which has not previously been clipped. Neutering often changes coat texture and in most cases renders hand stripping impossible. Even if not neutered and not previously clipped, some areas of your dog may be too sensitive for hand stripping, for example if there is a skin condition, injury site or underlying medical or physical condition. Old or infirm dogs should be clipped to minimise stress and reduce the amount of time required to stand for the grooming processes.

Nail clipping
We are happy to carry out nail clipping free of charge for existing customers groomed dogs if needed between visits. £7 fixed price existing customers non-groomed dogs or for non-grooming customers regardless of the number of nails actually clipped. All nail clipping is by appointment only, just call on the day and we will advise a time when we can accommodate you (subject to us having time and table space available).

To prevent stress and possible injury to your dog and our staff, we do not guarantee to be able to clip any of your dog’s nails if it is non-compliant with the procedure and displays aggressive behaviour. Not all of your dog’s nails will necessarily need to be clipped, so only those that do will be attempted.

A printable PDF of our current price guide is available by clicking this text.

Please ensure you read and understand our conditions before you wish us to groom your dog (especially for matted coats, potentially aggressive dogs or known persistent barkers), then make an appointment on


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But wait, before you email, remember it is ALWAYS quicker to phone for appointment enquiries, as we can tell you right away what slots we have available and offer one to suit you.  It's so much easier than playing email, text or FaceBook message ping-pong!  Please note if calling late in the day we may have already closed depending on when our last dog of the day was finished.

Please note that if you call late in the working day, we may have already left depending on when our last booked dog was finished. In that case you will be called back the next working day.

We reserve the right to amend prices without notice

Hot Products

We can provide you with professional bathing shampoo's and conditioners to keep your dogs coat in tip top condition between grooms.

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