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Studio Service

We have multiple bathing facilities to cope with all breeds and sizes in a spacious and comfortable environment.  We have electric lift baths and tables and only use biodegradable, ph neutral shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for professional grooming.  We use unique "Splash Shower" hydro-massage bathing systems to thoroughly clean your dogs coat, designed and built by us.  Incorporating multiple shower head settings for gentle to powerful deep cleaning and triple filtering to minimise the environmental impact of our waste water.  Even our waste air extracted from our premises is double filtered to reduce air bound pollution to a minimum.  Our facilities are also laid out and constructed to reduce the transmission of unwanted noise from our processes to our neighbours.  We have even modified our high velocity dryers to be more efficient by adding a variable heat output control and made them run quieter, which is good for us and our doggy customers

Our Studio is the newest and most advanced dog grooming facility in South East Scotland, and the only dedicated grooming establishment on a High Street location in East Lothian.


Mobile Service

As of the 2nd December 2011, we permanently ceased our mobile service and sold our van to another Scotgroom trained groomer.  But as we extensively modified, and developed the original K9 conversion plus advised/assisted other mobile groomers get started in business, we have left the following information here for information.

Our van was a Ford Transit long wheelbase high roof that has been customised by K9 Conversions of Brighton.  It is completely waterproofed and lined in smooth fibreglass to allow easy cleaning and disinfecting.  Lighting is via two double fluorescent fittings positioned over the bath and grooming table plus a third single fitting above the side door to minimise shadowing.

The main water supply is held in a 210 litre tank, immersion heated and set to 40°C.  We also have an additional (the original built in tank) of 140 litres. Dogs are bathed in a two level hydro-massage bath with a removable door to enable it to be used by dogs as small as a Yorkie or as big as a Newfoundland.  Water is drawn from the tank to a sump in the bath which is then pumped under high pressure to a hand held shower head for washing and rinsing your dog.  We have two shower heads which gives us a choice of four shower pattern settings to cope with the most demanding of coats to the most sensitive of dogs.  Depending on the size and how dirty your dog is, two, three or even four sump-full's of water are used to get your dog clean.  Waste water is discharged underneath the van when finished with.  As a comparison, we generally discharge much less water than when you wash your car and impact on the environment is minimised through the use of ph-neutral, bio-degradable products in our grooming processes which contain natural pesticides and no organo-phosphates.

We had two variable speed high velocity heated air blaster/dryers which are used to blow out dirt/dead coat before washing.  They are also used to speed the drying process by removing excess water before the dog is brush dried using a lower velocity air speed on the grooming table.

Electric power was supplied by the customer via an accessible 13A mains socket to our 25 metre RCD protected cable.  For all seasons comfort (ours and the dogs) whilst working, there are two extractor fans, a 3 speed large re-circulating fan, an air conditioning and dehumidifying unit and an oil filled radiator.

A height adjustable grooming table completed the main equipment with a variety of restraints, supports and nooses to allow us to work on the majority of dogs in a safe way at a convenient level.  We also carry a hip support and full body sling to allow older or infirm dogs to be groomed efficiently in comfort without the strain of having to stand for long periods.  Mirrors are positioned around the table to aid in monitoring the dog during grooming as well as being an integral aid to ensuring all round styling of your dog is balanced.

We only use professional tools and methods during our grooming processes which are especially designed for use in dog grooming.  We take infection control seriously with all surfaces dogs are in contact with are disinfected and tools used sterilised between grooms.

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Hot Products

We can provide you with professional bathing shampoo's and conditioners to keep your dogs coat in tip top condition between grooms.

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