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Conditions of accepting your dog for a grooming appointment

When you sign/signed your record card, you accept all the grooming conditions below, including those which are supplemented by the pre-printed conditions on the card as per the following example – actual card pre-printed text may differ from time to time but remains valid:

CARD TEXT: “I confirm that my pet is fit, healthy & fully vaccinated. I agree that the groomer will not be held liable or responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition, or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning, stripping, or shaving, or any mishap caused by my non-disclosure of my pet’s medical condition or behaviour. If my pet bites or attempts to bite any person or pet, a muzzle may be used, or at the discretion of the groomer, treatment may stop & I will pay for all work done to that point & will pay the full cost of all damages & expense my pet has caused. If I fail to collect my pet at the agreed time I will pay all extra cost due. If my pet harbours any parasites clear them at my expense. If my pet’s health causes concern, obtain veterinary treatment at my expense. I confirm that all facts I supplied above (
on the record card) are true. I agree to pay any charges due for appointments cancelled without adequate notice. I accept & consent entirely to all of the terms & conditions shown.”

Please ensure that your dog is exercised and given ample opportunity to fully relieve itself before being brought for its appointment. Dogs which cause an excessive mess whilst in our care may be subject to an additional £10 clean up charge. We regret that we cannot accept dogs which persistently bark in our premises during any of the processes or whilst waiting in a cage, as this contravenes our planning consent to operate our business and causes a nuisance disturbance to our neighbours. Please ensure we have your mobile phone number in case we have to contact you to remove your dog immediately should this be required due to persistent barking. You must also accept that your dog may not be dry or groomed to your instruction under these circumstances.

You must ensure that you can produce up to date vaccination evidence for your dog if asked for. We regret that we cannot accept puppies for grooming until two weeks after their second vaccination. A dog which appears unwell at the time of the appointment will not be accepted for grooming due to the risk of cross infection to other clients dogs. Please do not make an appointment for a bitch that is in season or likely to be in season. We will not accept it for grooming if presented and you will be charged a £10 rebooking fee.

Please note that we do not express dog’s anal glands, nor do we advise regularly expressing unless advised by a vet. If you suspect your dog has a problem in this area, please refer it to your vet. We do not de-scale teeth as ingestion of the bacteria in the debris can cause internal organ problems for your dog. Teeth and gum problems are serious health hazards for dogs and must be attended to by your vet.

Dog’s coats which are excessively matted will have the matted areas clipped out. Please note that depending on how heavily matted the coat is on examination, additional time and therefore cost may be incurred, so it may not be possible to achieve the desired finish or style you desire. Whilst your dog is in our temporary care we have a duty to ensure its welfare under section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to relieve any unnecessary suffering, for example, due to excessive mats. Severely matted coats are distressing and a health hazard to your dog which may require to be clipped out very close to the skin. As this process can cause irritation post grooming, you are advised to minimise the effects (commonly referred to as “clipper burn”, although is seldom caused by heat) by keeping areas of irritation dry and applying an antibacterial powder should your dog constantly lick or scratch an area of irritation. In very rare cases a dog may have a severe reaction that will necessitate veterinary attention. Symptoms can manifest or subside at any point up to 48 hours after grooming. Your dog may or may not display any symptoms relating to this procedure as skin sensitivity varies greatly between animals. We pride ourselves in taking great care to avoid this situation happening in the first place, but we are duty bound to take action to relieve the discomfort and distress cause by severe matting as our primary concern.

You are strongly advised to insure your dog against all eventualities. Whilst we take every reasonable precaution to prevent it, we will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, death or illness to you or your dog when in our care. For our safety, we may have to muzzle a dog showing aggressive behaviour for all or part of the groom as we feel appropriate. As grooming a difficult dog generally takes longer than a compliant dog, additional costs may be incurred. For the dog's safety, we will not over stress a dog which shows an adverse reaction to any part of the grooming process which may result in certain parts not being completed. In extreme cases we will refuse a dog showing excessive adverse behaviour to the grooming process at our option and will be subject to a minimum £20 charge for the appointment.

If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know at the earliest opportunity, preferably at least 24 hours in advance by phone or email otherwise a discretionary £10 (£20 for no show) rebooking fee may be applied to your next booking. We have a very strict "two strikes and you are out" policy, so two missed appointments (includes late cancelations we have been unable to fill) without notification will result in no further bookings being accepted - sorry. For further information on this, please see the 26th May 2016 article on the “News” page on our website.

All prices shown are a guide only, as actual costs for a particular dog are dependent on many factors on presentation for grooming - size, coat density/condition, desired/achievable end result, work/appointment time needed, temperament, etc.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance

Please see the following documents:

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