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Tuesday 20th April 2021.  Non-welfare grooming recommencing from 26th April.

Following the announcement today by the Scottish Government that level 4 restrictions are being lifted and we are going to level 3 from next Monday, we will be able to carry out non-welfare, normal grooms again.
As noted in our last post, we don't expect official guidance to be updated and published until next week, so this could be subject to change - but is highly unlikely given the level of opening up scheduled to take place.  We have already changed our appointment texts, emails and ansaphone message back from "welfare only" from today, so no need to reply to reminders unless you can't make your appointment.

This welcome change basically takes us back to the same place we were between the end of June and December last year.  So whilst we can resume taking appointments for normal grooming, we still have to operate under some restrictions. Instead of repeating all that again, see our post from "Thursday 18th June 2020.  Reopening Update 3" as it covers how we can operate under level 3 and level 2 restrictions.

If everything keeps going to plan for the government roadmap, then level 2 happens on 17th may, level 1 happens on 7th June and level 0 at the end of June or early July - yippee!

Until then, don't get complacent and keep practicing FACTS. Keep safe and get vaccinated when offered!

Oh, one final thing - "late cancel" and "no show" charges which have been suspended since January are now REINSTATED.  We have had 85 of these in the last 4 months (which is way more than the annual average) and have seen cancellation or postponement requests coming in 20min before an appointment or even days after!  Not very fair on us or customers looking for appointments during that time.



Thursday 18th March 2021.  Possible date for non-welfare grooms recommencing.

Following the announcement of the revised roadmap for easing of restrictions this week in the Scottish Parliament by the First Minister, we are hopeful to be able to go back to offering normal grooming services from the 26th April.
We are waiting on updated guidance to confirm this, which we do not expect to be published until nearer to this date, or possibly even after it. But fingers crossed that the easing of restrictions that are scheduled before then don't cause this to be delayed.  The updated guidance should appear first at this link.

Unless we hear to the contrary before this, it is still Welfare grooms only (see post of 15th Jan).
Until then, keep safe, keep practicing all the precautions we have got used to and get the jab when offered.



Friday 26th February 2021.  Appointment text number change.

The virtual mobile number that is used with our booking software for appointment text messages is being changed from today the 26th February to 07451 287670. Please update it in your phone contacts if you have saved us with the old number 07624 800500.

All texts from us in relation to appointments will be from the new number. Please don't reply to any sent before the 27th February or start a new text after to us using the old number - we won't get it.

Just like the old number, the new number can't be used for voice calls as it's actually an email to text/text to email facility provided by a company called TextMagic. Over the past few months we have heard that a few of our customers could no longer reply to our text messages as the old number was changed by the downstream provider to originate from the Isle of Man. We hadn't been made aware of this change by TextMagic, but after enquiring about it they have confirmed that some mobile operators treat it as an international number, requiring you to have international texting as a feature of your mobile phone package to be able to reply. As we are changing to a new UK origin number, that should no longer be a problem.

Depending on when you make an appointment with us you will receive an appointment confirmation text and upto two reminders for your appointment. During the current Level 4 plus lockdown, our appointment confirmation and reminder messages changed and require you to confirm, cancel or postpone your appointment. If confirming you are attending, you only need to do this once, but please let us know if this changes prior to arriving for your appointment.



Friday 15th January 2021.  We are re-opening for Welfare Grooms only.

It has been established this week that we are not legally required to close so will be RE-OPENING from Tuesday 19th January. But, as we are still in Level 4 plus lockdown and non-essential journeys are illegal, ONLY WELFARE GROOMING IS PERMITTED to relieve discomfort, distress or suffering due to issues such as:

General coat matting, coat build up/mats around eyes/ears/paws/pads/high friction areas/sanitary areas, skin conditions/irritation, infestation, excessive nail length.

Please be aware that where matting is concerned, this will almost always involve close clipping to remove and it is a very high possibility that your dog's coat may be much shorter than you might previously have requested or expected!

Grooming for purely cosmetic or aesthetic reasons is NOT permitted during lockdown and the onus is on you as your dog's owner to determine if it ESSENTIAL under the current restrictions for you have your dog groomed AND to travel.

If you have an existing appointment with us or would like to make a WELFARE appointment it is imperative you read and understand all that follows below, as you will be required to confirm this before arrival at your appointment. If you arrive for an appointment and we have not received a "Confirming appointment" message, or it is determined on arrival your dog does NOT meet any of the WELFARE groom criteria, we CANNOT accept your dog for grooming.

When you receive a text concerning your appointment, you MUST reply using one of the following three options.

"Confirming appointment"
We take this to mean you will be attending your appointment AND you have assessed and determined that your dog definitely needs a WELFARE groom, or it is highly likely that it will become a WELFARE groom within two weeks of your appointment date and cannot be postponed for four or more weeks.

"Please cancel"
We understand your circumstances may change, or you do not want to/cannot travel during the current lockdown restrictions for whatever reason. If you cannot justify now that your dog would be a WELFARE groom for an existing appointment booked before lockdown, please cancel and rebook at a later date when restrictions have eased again. There are no late cancellation fees to pay during this period.

"Postpone appointment"
We will automatically rebook your appointment as near to the same day/time, which will be around 4 weeks later. Please feel free to request a day/time even further on if you wish and we will try to do this as near as we can.

If the lockdown is extended beyond the end of January, then the above appointment text replies will be required for the duration. Hopefully, when the lockdown has been lifted and travel restrictions eased, we should be able to carry out normal appointments again.



Monday 04th January 2021.  Here we go again - Covid closure No 2.

We will NOT be reopening tomorrow but will REMAIN CLOSED following the directive this afternoon by the Scottish Government that all non-essential businesses are to close from midnight tonight (Monday 4th January 2021).

We will be notifying all customers before the start of each week which had bookings with us up to Friday 29th January that their appointment will be moved to, or as near as we can do, the same day and time from Tuesday 2nd February onwards. These appointments and those already booked for February/March may be subject to further change should we be required to stay closed for longer

Please see our website or our FaceBook posts for all future announcements as to when we hope to re-open.

Please note that our December 20th post referencing the Scottish Government document on businesses allowed to remain open in Level 4, was superseded today by "Coronavirus (Covid-19): Stay at home guidance" and dog grooming has been removed - only essential travel, such as going to the Vet or to feed your horse are now allowed.
Keep safe, keep your distance from others, don’t undertake non-essential travel, order your shopping online and keep washing your hands! Hopefully we’ll see you all again sooner rather than later. Happy New Year(!)



Sunday 20th December 2020.  Level 4 Covid19 Restrictions after Christmas - We can remain OPEN.

Following the announcements from the UK and devolved Governments yesterday concerning the restriction levels being imposed after Christmas we would like to inform our customers that in Scotland, dog grooming CAN still be carried out.

Although East Lothian, like most of Scotland, will be in level 4 for at least three weeks from Boxing Day, we will reopen from the 5th January as planned, for existing and new appointments.  We are closed from 24th Dec until then for the so-called festive period(!)

The advice is on the Scottish Government website: Coronavirus (COVID-19): businesses and workplaces that must close and can remain open at protection level 4. In the section "Other businesses and workplaces that can stay open in Level 4" you will find the following guidance:

"pet shops, suppliers of animal feed and bedding, veterinary practices, mobile vets, veterinary laboratories, wholesalers of vet medicines/supplies, pet crematoria, equestrian centres and other direct activities required to prevent or treat animal suffering including grooming, exercising and general care including day care"

However, to minimise the exposure risk to ourselves, once the last booked dog of the day is finished we will close for the rest of the day.  If we have a day with no appointments booked, we will not open that day.  All messages left will be dealt with as soon as we are able to, but you must appreciate that you may not receive a call back until the next working day we are open.

We appreciate that some of our more vulnerable customers who have dogs booked during this period may want to cancel or rearrange for a later date.  No problem, but please let us know by calling us and leaving a message, or replying to your appointment made or appointment reminder text, or email us.  There will be no late cancellation penalties applied at this time.


Click here for the January 2021 Price Guide  

Saturday 12th December 2020.  Hours Changing in January 2021 and Updated Price Guide (prices the same).

From the 1st January 2021, we are changing our opening days and hours to:

Monday       Closed
Tuesday      9am to 6pm
Wednesday 9am to 6pm
Thursday     9am to 6pm
Friday         9am to 4pm
Saturday     Closed
Sunday       Closed

All times are: "first appointment to start" to "last appointment to finish by".

A year ago we announced a 3 month trial opening for an extra day which we called the "Monday experiment". The trial period was to run until the end of March 2020 where it would be assessed to see if it was going to be worth while. But the first Covid-19 lockdown came before then and we were closed for the next 12 weeks. When we reopened in June we temporarily added the Friday and Saturday as well to cope with the initial surge in appointments.

After the backlog of appointments started to clear we dropped the Saturday, then the Friday resorted to an early finish like we used to have four years ago. We also kept the Monday on, but it just hasn't proved viable. We only tend to get around one to three bookings, but sometimes none at all, meaning we often close early or don't open at all to save costs. Mid-week days by contrast, always have between 7 to 11 bookings but we rarely have appointments that go anywhere near a 7pm finish. Fridays, on the other hand, do get filled and gets requested more than we have space available with a 1pm finish. So, we've decided to cut out the Monday all together, shorten Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday by an hour each and extend Friday by those three hours


Click here for the July 2020 Price Guide

Click here for the October 2020 Price Guide


Tuesday 30th June 2020.  Price Guide updated and future changes from October.

Our price guide has been updated just to show our new hours and the change from walk-in/on demand nail clipping to being by appointment only.  There are no price changes - well, not just yet...

As you will have noted from the pre-Covid December 2019 post that we were considering a price increase but  opened an extra day for a three month trial period to see if that could work in keeping prices the same for a record SIXTH year.  Then lockdown started just before the trial finished and we ended up having to cancel over 80 pre-booked appointments.

Now we're no longer able do the amount of dogs in a day we used to do.  Even keeping the trial hours of Monday to Thursday and adding on Friday morning we are just about managing to keep the status quo, but with increased costs and appointment times spaced out more due to the new restrictive working procedures.  Overall, we are now working longer to stand still, but making less as a consequence.

Unfortunately we will be increasing prices as follows:

  • all grooming prices increase by £4

  • the pre-clipping prices also increase by £4

  • nail clipping (now by appointment) increases by £2

  • our discretionary puppy discount stays at £5 but the age range reduces from 9 months to 6 months

It might seem a disproportionate increase for pre-clips and nails, but we now have to carry out extra cleaning and use additional PPE for these processes.

The increase will come into effect from 1st October 2020.

Appointments which have already been made, or will be made, between now and the end of August for October to December 2020 will be not be increased and will be honoured at the current price.



Thursday 18th June 2020.  Reopening Update 3.

Hooray! Just to confirm that as announced today by the Scottish Government, phase 2 has been entered and as from Monday 29th June non-essential businesses can open if the relevant safety and social distancing measures are in place. Since we opened on Monday this week for "welfare grooming fortnight", our measures are now well established, tried and tested.

As we hoped for in our last post, are will also be able to take regular and maintenance grooming appointments as well as nail clipping appointments from the 29th.

Please note that we have already been taking both welfare and non-welfare bookings in anticipation of phase 2 starting then and are already full until Tuesday the 7th July.

We will also be able to overlap dogs from different households as well, so long as we have them staggered to avoid customers dropping off or collecting dogs at the same time, or having un-bathed dogs (pre-cut matted) being worked on at the same time as clean bathed dogs. This is to minimise the risk of cross-infection. As we won't always know until a dog comes in that it will need pre-cut, there may be times when we will have to delay that appointment until we have completed a groom already in progress. We can't take in a dog that can't be worked on or bathed straight away, as caging creates too many opportunities for cross infection. You might just need to take it for a walk round the block for a short while in that case.

On nail clipping it is worth repeating that we are not able to accommodate walk-in nail clipping for the foreseeable future. However, just call on the day to get a time as it will be much easier all round than trying to allocate a time days in advance. We can only do this when we have finished and not working on any other dogs in the grooming room to avoid the possibility of cross contamination. It also means we have an additional cleaning cyle so need to have enough time available to do this. Although we are usually pretty accurate at estimating times to finish a groom there are a lot more hold points for extra cleaning now, so they might overrun which can cause an knock on to following appointments which must take priority.

Let's hope the progress made in getting to this point isn't short lived! Keep safe everyone.



Friday 12th June 2020.  Reopening Update 2.

The welfare grooming appointments (that's 56 dogs) we allocated for the next two weeks are all gone, so we are now full until the end of the month. But...

It seems increasingly likely that the date for phase 2 is going to announced on Thursday 18th June - maybe even to start next day or the following Monday. So, hedging our bets, we can start to take normal appointments from Monday 29th June.

Please remember that we are not able to accommodate walk-in nail clipping for the foreseeable future. However, just call on the day to get a time as it will be much easier all round than trying to allocate a time days in advance

After the welfare grooming period is finished, from Monday 29th June our hours will change to:

Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday 9am to 1pm

Times are first appointment to start and last appointment to finish

We are opening more days than previously, due to Covid-19 risk controls requiring appointments to take longer and reducing the amount of dogs we are able to accommodate during the working day.



Tuesday 9th June 2020.  Reopening Update 1.

All the deep cleaning and disinfection was completed yesterday, we have all our PPE (at last!), the safety screen is installed, all the sanitisers, notices, floor tape and markers are all in place and we have trialed the new procedures today – WE ARE READY FOR THE APPOINTMENT CALLS TO START TOMORROW.

We will be open for booking appointments BY PHONE from 9am until 5pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week for grooms to start from next Monday, 15th June. The priority is for WELFARE (matted/distressed) grooms until the date is announced for lifting of restrictions to phase 2. We have a feeling that this may be as early as the end of next week, which will allow us to make non-welfare, regular or maintenance grooming appointments as well as nail clipping appointments - walk in, on demand nail clipping is suspended. So if your dog is NOT in distress with a matted coat, or old/infirm and struggling with too much coat in the warmer weather please delay calling for a few days so that those that are having problems can be dealt with first.

The new procedures to keep everyone safe add significant time to appointments. We need to space them out more so we don’t have overlaps. We can’t have dogs in at the same time from different households or have more than one customer in reception at a time. It's why nail clipping is now by appointment too. It is strictly ONE OUT and ONE IN. The reception door is now locked all the time and you need to ring the bell to be let in, but ONLY if you already have an appointment – if you don’t, please phone for one. Otherwise extra cleaning is required as well as a possible change of PPE, which further impacts on our costs and especially the time that is allocated to grooming. This, and other factors, can quite easily make appointments over-run, so there may be unavoidable delays in being able to take a dog at its allotted time. We will keep everyone informed by text in that case and also to confirm when a dog is ready to be collected. It is important that dogs are collected as quickly as possible, so we don’t have to delay the following appointment because of a late collection.

Everything we are doing is to minimise the risk of cross infection and virus spread as much as we possibly can. Inevitably, there may be times customers will need to wait outside at appointment change over times, keeping a safe distance of course, and your patience is appreciated.

When phoning for an appointment, we may not be able to take your call until we are finished with the dog being worked on, so it’s likely to take much longer than pre-Covid times for us to call you back.

It is all vastly different now and will take a while to get used to it. Please have a look at the photos and familiarise yourself with the access, handover and payment procedures. (photos and description on the FaceBook post here)

When you have handed your dog over to us, we will spray it with Leucillin. This is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution, that kills up to 99.99999% of germs, and is our first line of defence against the possibility of your dogs coat having a pathogen on it before we handle it to reduce the possibility of it being passed on to us or into our working environment. Once your dog has been bathed, any pathogens like Coronavirus are neutralised and we can safely work on them. If we have to pre-clip coats before bathing, we have to use a significant amount of PPE for additional protection, separately bagging up the clipped coat for disposal plus extra cleaning and equipment sterilizing.

Leucillin helps to reduce the initial handling risk to us and we also spray your dog before handing it back. We have a few 250ml sprays for sale at £10 each but will be ordering more in soon. You can find out more about Leucillin at this link https://www.leucillin.co.uk/about-leucillin#googtrans(en|en)

Lastly, CARD PAYMENTS ONLY for everything now – no handling cash. Contact-less is now £45 for cards but usually more for Apple/Samsung/Google Pay.

See you all soon. It's still us under all the PPE, although you might not recognise us from 2 metres away!



Monday 1st June 2020.  Covid-19 Update 5.

It's now week 11 and we are expecting the final delivery of our PPE orders this week at long last - it's taken ages to source everything we need. We are currently preparing the Studio for re-opening to comply with social distancing and our industry advised safety measures after carrying out the necessary risk assessments to keep us and our customers as safe as possible. We put the following notice on the Studio door this afternoon:

Advance notice of re-opening

Between Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th June, WE WILL BE TAKING BOOKINGS FOR GROOMING BY PHONE ONLY, for appointments starting on Monday 15th June. Please DO NOT leave an answerphone message before these dates.
Initially, bookings from Monday 15th June will ONLY be allocated for WELFARE grooms first – this means SHAVE OFF’S for matted, heavy coated, or distressed dogs due to their coat condition and the hot weather, age, or illness.

The walk-in, on-demand nail clipping service is SUSPENDED until further notice, but you may make a NAIL appointment or a NON-WELFARE grooming appointment from the lifting of restrictions date for “phase 2”, once the Scottish Government announces it.

To comply with the safety measures imposed by the government and trade guidance, we are unable to carry out as many grooms in the working day owing to the extra cleaning time imposed between grooms and restrictions on the number of dogs being safely handled at the same time to minimise the risk of cross contamination between dogs, ourselves and customer households. We will, however, be temporarily opening for more days to allow as many dogs to be groomed initially as we possibly can.

Our new temporary extended hours will be:
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 3pm
Times are first dog to start and last dog to be finished

When booking, you will be asked to confirm whether you or anyone in your household are showing Covid-19 symptoms or are isolating or have been in close contact with anyone who is. We cannot give you an appointment if any of this is a “yes” until 14 days have passed from the contact date. If “no” you will be given an appointment and will be asked to confirm again when you arrive. Please be honest about this otherwise everyone’s safety is put at risk - THANK YOU!

Please be aware that all appointments from 24th March that have been cancelled will NOT be contacted to rebook or be automatically rebooked. As mentioned in an earlier post, we have now had to cancel over 80 appointments and cannot possibly contact everyone in such a short space of time prior to opening, plus it's worth repeating again - we can only perform WELFARE GROOMS until the phase 2 start date is announced.



Thursday 28th May 2020.  Covid-19 Update 4.

As we enter Phase 1 and may be meeting with families and friends from other households please remember to keep your dogs socially distanced. Do not allow anyone from outside your household to pet your dogs. As with all surfaces; hands, door handles, etc., your dogs coat can also carry the virus.

In line with Scottish Government instructions we will reopen in Phase 2, no date has been announced for this as yet but we are hoping it won’t be too long. In the meantime we are servicing all equipment, installing sneeze screens and sourcing PPE to keep ourselves, our staff and our customers as safe as possible.



Wednesday 13th May 2020.  Covid-19 Update 3.

The Canine and Feline Sector Group within PIF have updated their guidance which is at this link.

It covers all aspects of the pet industry, and the Groomers section is on page 4 of 9. There are a couple of modifications to the previous advice and this document is not a replacement to the earlier documents and should be read in conjunction with the earlier version to observe the changes. Please be aware the updated advice is specifically for England, so dogs being brought in a car for grooming are NOT currently allowed in Scotland under the continuing restrictions. To summarise the changes which will eventually be applicable here as well:

Multiple dogs may be taken in at a time where a grooming salon has sufficient space to separate them and for groomers to maintain social distancing whilst working. Before, the advice was only one at a time.

Dogs from infected or self-isolating households should be collected individually and separately from other dogs in different journeys and after pets from other non-infected households. However, there is a contradiction as they have also advised that: Dogs from self-isolating or infected households should not be admitted until the household is clear.

The cleaning/disinfecting regimes advice has not changed, but the hand-over protocol advice is currently being updated and not currently available via the links. It is up to individual grooming establishments to ascertain what is the safest way to implement all the advice for them. To that end, we are in the process of documenting the physical and procedural changes we need to keep us, our staff, our premises and therefore our customers as safe as possible when we do get the go-ahead to open.

We are aware from enquiries from some of our customers that there are groomers operating in the County and appreciate that dogs with thick coats are starting to struggle in the heat. Obviously you have to consider the safety concerns and restrictions and assess whether you want to visit one of these groomers. If you are satisfied that they have implemented the PIF advice, you should be ok. That is not to be taken as advice from us that you should, as under the Scottish lockdown restrictions they shouldn't be open and you will make a non-essential journey. If they haven't implemented the advice and your dog is in a distressed state, the fall-back advice is to contact your vet for help. Keep Safe!



Monday 11th May 2020.  Covid-19 Update 2.

Well here we are on week 8 of lockdown, at least 3 more to go with a new "Stay Alert" (ambiguous?) slogan from the UK Government with a continuation of the "Stay Home" message from the Scottish and other devolved Governments over the weekend. Not surprised to be receiving enquiries today asking when we will be opening, but the position in Scotland is clear and has NOT CHANGED. As a non-essential business we were instructed to close on 23rd March until advised otherwise. Therefore, we do not expect to open until June at the EARLIEST and wouldn't rule it out that may change to July. The list of businesses told to close on the Scottish Government site is at the following link, and groomers are under "all retail" with the ONLY ones closest to us being exempted are vets and pet shops. This list has not changed following the weekend’s announcements.


But presumably as dog grooming is not specifically listed, we have been aware of various social media discussions and comments in the County over recent weeks around groomers being allowed to open, even being told they can open from Council officials who have no authority to make that decision which has caused a lot of confusion with the wider dog owning public. The question is not actually whether groomers SHOULD be allowed to open, it is whether they are ABLE to open from a legal standpoint contrary to this list, and it's slightly different for mobile verses premises based groomers. But being able to open is not straightforward as there are many things to consider and implement. Our associative industry, the Pet Industry Federation, issued guidance to groomers on 23rd April which you can see at the following link:


The information in this is going to be updated over the next few days as they are having discussions on the advice following the UK Government's easing plans for England announced yesterday. It has been requested to make the guidance appropriately clear for groomers operating under the devolved Governments continuing policies. Within the existing guidance, there are further links for consideration. Three in particular: the hygiene and social distancing protocols, Groomers Spotlight Guidance and Government advice on cleaning in non-healthcare settings.




A quick glance over the first main link of the four, shows that:
- it is permissible for businesses to travel as part of their work and so mobile groomers may operate and for premises-based groomers that the groomer can travel to collect and return dogs for grooming.
- also, a client may walk their dog to be groomed as part of the client’s daily exercise. Once the dog has been groomed either the dog may be walked home, or the groomer may return the dog by walking or driving.
- only one dog may be groomed at a time and the premises disinfected in between.
- a journey by car made by a pet owner to the grooming salon is therefore not considered essential and is not permissible.

Looking further into the advice, it becomes clearer that the need for PPE, cleaning, defined handover and distancing protocols and employee safety are all ESSENTIAL and need to be in place and strictly adhered to be able to open and operate - regardless of being mobile or premises based.

For us, collect and return of dogs is out. We don't have business insurance cover for this and even if we had, the isolation PPE needs and cleaning regime for EACH journey via a private car is not workable. Why would I want to have a dog in relatively close proximity in my vehicle for 10-30min from a household that I have no way of confirming the viral infection status?? It also must be cleaned before the return journey and possibly needs cleaned again before collecting the next dog to reduce any risk of cross contamination or if a previous dog has a toilet accident en-route. It is accepted that there is a potential risk of virus transmission being possible via a pet's coat from an infected person, being the owner or other person in contact, but it is a risk nonetheless that has to be dealt with and minimised. There is then the risk of acquiring and spreading infection to consider with every journey undertaken, for ourselves, our families (including shielding members) and the wider community.

Around 90% of our client base are NOT within walking distance to us so the number of dogs we would be able to do just being walked to us is uneconomical to open for. In numbers, it would equate to maybe only 1 or 2 dogs per day on our proposed initial 6 day week, compared to our pre-Covid 10 dogs a day average in a 3 day week.

In conclusion, a mobile or premises based grooming business is theoretically able to operate legally under lockdown, however the overriding instruction from the Scottish Government is that we are ALL NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES and should remain CLOSED until advised otherwise.

If we decided to go against this and open, the costs of implementing the PIF advice under the restrictions as it CURRENTLY STANDS is considerable and economically unsustainable. For instance, we have recently started to build stocks of PPE and other items for sanitising, cleaning, screening, maintaining social distancing and have spent almost £700 in the last week alone. Prices for everything have gone through the roof compared to last year. Some items are available for delivery within in a few days to a week, but others are nearly five weeks away. Gloves and masks are particularly hard to source as many suppliers have (rightly) ring-fenced all their stock for front line health workers. Where they do have them available you are restricted to one box or just a few items. By masks, I do not mean face coverings or even FFP1 (dust) grade masks which are no longer appropriate in our "new" environment, but masks which need to be FFP2 or FFP3 graded which give airborne viral protection indoors within a close circulating air environment caused by our dryers. Hairdressers take note.

If we were able to open on the basis we were hoping for in our "lockdown week 4" post on 17th April, we would run out of the disposable items we have just managed to secure in ONLY 3 WEEKS. This is an ever-changing situation and although we have tried to get ahead of the game, we simply can't continue operating after opening without being able to get further supplies quicker at more affordable prices. We expect the situation is only going to get worse when more businesses start to open that need the same items. The higher operating costs for business and the knock-on effect for customers is going to be an inevitable consequence of the "new normal". For example; only being able to have one dog in at any time would reduce our available bookings by 60%, which would mean laying off staff for longer (but only sustainable if furlough support remains available), we couldn't have drop in nail clipping on demand anymore either. Earned income reduces drastically but we are not able to compensate by reducing operating costs. As you've read, the current operating caveats are significant, may not change much and have wide ranging practical, physical and financial challenges.

To this end we are constructing new operating methods and policies to counter these effects for when we do finally open, that can be quickly adapted to changing circumstances as they are announced and publicised over the coming weeks. When and exactly how we will be able to operate will wholly depend on what we will be required to adhere to at that time, to safely comply with new or eased restrictions to the best of our ability.

Until then - stay well and keep safe, keep your dogs and yourselves well exercised complying with the advice and restrictions applicable in YOUR area until advised otherwise!!!



Friday 17th April 2020.  Covid-19 Update 1.

We're now 4 weeks into lockdown with another 3 weeks announced yesterday, which means that it will actually be 4 weeks before there is any chance of even thinking about reopening again. At the outset of this, the Government financial assistance measures, plus vulnerable/shielding restrictions put in place indicated that preparations were allowing for around 12 weeks before we might be open again. I thought it would be useful to let you know what our thoughts and plans are for opening when we are allowed to.

But a few important points first:
1. We absolutely CANNOT make ANY bookings under ANY circumstances UNTIL we reopen. We have been contacted quite a lot recently for help but it is illegal under the current emergency legislation for us, or any groomer, to open. We can't open the Studio and we can't do it at our home. Please do not ask.

2. We know many owners are "having a go" at grooming themselves and have concerns about that for good reason. They are unlikely to have the right equipment, safety restraints or knowledge to do this effectively and risk seriously injuring their dog - skin flaps, legs, ears, eyes, skin tags, warts and nails in particular. NEVER try to remove mats in pads or difficult areas with scissors or clean ears with cotton buds. If your dog gets hurt it may cause a psychological reaction to being groomed in future, making it more difficult for us when it comes in again. Another few weeks is unlikely to cause more than mild discomfort to your dog if it had been regularly groomed before the shutdown. If you have specific concerns such as mats, irritation, cuts, infestations, infections or some other observation, you should contact your vet.

3. Business viability. We are strong financially with a very large active customer base and we fully expect to still be around when the announcement is made to open, however many weeks that is. Others may not be able to survive this period and we feel for them.

When we reopen:
We are expecting a large amount of booking requests and are going to open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm plus Saturday 9am to 4pm to allow as many dogs to be done as soon as practically possible. We only intend to make this a temporary change for the first few weeks. Also, many dogs are going to be partial or total shave offs by necessity, but we will be WAIVERING our additional "pre-cut" fee of £5 for small/medium dogs and £10 for the larger ones. With the expected volume of bookings, we will NOT be able to accomodate time intensive dematting/brushouts to achieve your dogs usual style. Please understand it is quicker, kinder and less stressful for your dog to have a shave off and it will grow back in again in a few weeks. If the summer is as warm as the last couple of years your dog will be happy with a short coat anyway and you will have less routine maintanance to do. Don't be too surprised if you grow to like it as well, you won't be the first!

From the shutdown on the 23rd March to the end of May (if it goes on 'till then), we will have cancelled over 80 pre-booked appointments. We simply won't have the time to sit on the phone calling everyone to rebook these to find days and times suitable. EVERYONE WILL NEED TO PHONE US TO BOOK. Please DON'T message or SMS text us to make a booking enquiry or assume we will automatically rebook, even if you've asked us to. YOU MUST PHONE US as it is much quicker to check availability for when it suits you best.

Our plan is to prepare and carry out necessary equipment maintenance at the Studio the week before we announce we will be open for grooming. We will be in a better position to take as many calls as we can that week, as we won't be trying to work on dogs at the same time. We will quickly be able to book as many dogs in as possible for the following weeks.

Once open, we will ONLY BE TAKING CARD PAYMENTS for goods and services - NO CASH!

More information nearer the time, along with how we will be organising appointments and dog handovers to maintain any social distancing. Until then, keep safe and stay healthy!


Monday 23rd March 2020.  Covid-19 Closure.

We are now closing until further notice, as advised in today’s announcement from the Scottish Government and all future bookings are now cancelled.

We are unable to take ANY bookings under ANY circumstances until we get the go ahead to reopen again. When we do, whenever that is, we are intending to open extra days to cope with the expected demand for a few weeks.

Please check our website, Facebook page for updates. We hope all our customers stay safe and we look forward to grooming your four legged friends again as soon as it’s safe to do so.


Tuesday 10th December 2019.  The Monday Experiment.

It has been almost FIVE YEARS since we increased any of our prices. Do you know of any business that has not increased prices in the past year or two, let alone five?? Thought not.

However, like every other business (and household), we have continually seen price increases from our suppliers as well as gas / electric / water / waste / phone utilities. For example our shampoos and conditioners have gone up by 34% and 40% since 2014 and you get through a lot of that when you groom around 1,300 dogs a year! We have managed to absorb the increases over recent years by making our processes more efficient as well as increasing appointment availability to maintain profitability. So we either need to increase our prices in April 2020 or find a way to make even more appointments available, but we have pretty much reached the limit for this with the current opening hours format.

Way back in June 2016 we temporarily opened for Monday appointments as we were inundated with booking requests in the run up to the summer hols. It is the only time we have "officially" opened on a Monday and it was purely to allow for a period of exceptional demand. Over the past few months though, we have noted a general increase in requests for appointments on a Monday.

So, when we return from the Christmas/New Year break, we will trial making around 6 to 8 appointment slots available on Monday's from 6th January 2020 until the end of March. If this temporary change has a take-up that achieves our aims, we may decide to continue it and open four days a week INSTEAD of introducing a price increase in April.

Over to you dear customers. Are Monday appointments something you would want to support and book?


Cover Letter

Sales brochure (updated 02/04/2019)

Prospective Purchaser Confidentiality Agreement


Monday 8th April 2019.  Updated business for sale brochure available.

Another financial year has come to a close and we have updated our business for sale brochure, which is available for download opposite.

 Although it might look at first glance that our turnover is down, this was entirely predictable due to our hours reducing from last January.  However the important thing is our profitability increased by 9% over the previous year as we groomed pretty much the same amount of dogs in a shorter working week with a reduction in operating costs.  So once again, we are able to keep our prices the same for a FOURTH consecutive year - although BREXIT may alter that if it ever happens!


Tuesday 5th February 2019.  Happy Anniversary to us - SDG is 10 years old.

Hard to believe, but we have been grooming since 2009!

We first launched as a mobile service with a fully kitted out grooming van on 1st February 2009, and although we only did 8 dogs that month, we rapidly increased to 50 in April and 83 by October doing a 6 day working week.  Our repeat rate was at 70% with new dogs accounting for 21% with the remainder being cancellations or no shows - yes even though we arrived at a customers house for a booked appointment, they weren't in!

We then opened the Studio where we are now in October 2011 but only 6 of our customers wanted to stay mobile which was uneconomic so the van was sold in December to a start up groomer.

Some trivia for you if you are interested:

Since starting in Feb 2009 we have groomed 12,049 dogs.

We groom between 1,300 and 1,400 dogs per year.

The most dogs groomed in a month was 148 in August 2017. Our second best month was 141 in May 2018. Actually more impressive, since we had reduced our working week to 3 days from the start of the year - almost twice the number of dogs in half the time from our mobile van days.

We have clipped the nails of 467 "walk in/no appointment" dogs since offering the service in April 2012.

We currently have 1,599 clients with 1,824 dogs on our customer database.

Since 2013, our bookings have consistently been made up by around 85% repeat customers and 10% new customers every year.


The number 1 top breed is the Cocker Spaniel with 216.

Next is the Westie (West Highland White Terrier) with 142.

Our beloved Labradoodle breed is 12th with 46, Our Miniature Poodle is at number 32 with 11.

Largest breeds we used to do: Newfoundland, St Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Rottweiller, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute.

Smallest breeds: Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese.

So, it's a big THANK YOU to all our customers past, present and future for helping us make this a successful business far beyond our original expectations.


Tuesday 11th December 2018.  Payment by Cheque.

As the cheque guarantee scheme was scrapped by the Banking Industry in July 2011 and in line with most businesses, we will no longer be accepting payment by cheque from the 1st January 2019.  The only payment methods accepted are by cash, debit and credit card.

Price Guide from 1st September 2018  

Friday 31st August 2018.  Price Guide updated, but no increases.

We have updated our price guide effective from tomorrow, 1st September 2018.  There are no increases in any prices, only some minor changes to the text to make some items a bit clearer, sorting a couple of typos and adding prices to the maintenance groom example.

On the reverse side, we have made our conditions clearer and added on the text that is currently on the customer record card that you sign/signed.  This has been done from customer feedback to rectify a complaint that these conditions cannot be read in advance and could only be examined when in the studio, for example when attending for your first appointment and signing the card.  This pulls all our conditions together on our price guide which is available to download on this site and in the box opposite.  The same text is also on our Conditions page.

Please take some time to read and understand these conditions, especially if your dog is presented with a matted coat or if it shows signs of aggression when being worked on, or barks a lot.


GDPR Customer Notice


Monday 21st May 2018.  GDPR Consent and Policies.

Unless you have been on holiday on another planet the past few weeks, you will be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on Friday 25th May 2018.

We have now completed the documentation, audits, forms, etc to make us compliant and the policies have been added to our Conditions page.  We also need to explicitly get customers consent to contact them so please see the notice opposite.

Cover Letter

Sales brochure (updated 17/04/2018)

Prospective Purchaser Confidentiality Agreement


Tuesday 17th April 2018.  Updated business for sale brochure available.

Another financial year has come to a close and we have updated our business for sale brochure, which is available for download opposite.

 Although it might look at first glance that our turnover is down, the slight drop was due entirely to the severe weather we all experienced in February which caused disruption to bookings, with only those very local able to attend appointments.

Despite this, when you consider that we have reduced our working week by 4 hours from January this year by closing Fridays but staying open later on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we are managing to do the same amount of bookings in our 3 day week that we used to do on the previous 3.7 day week!  Which means that our turnover and profit levels are being maintained and the corresponding reduction in operating costs means we are able to keep our prices the same for a third consecutive year, which is a huge benefit to our loyal customers!

January 2018 Price Guide is available here


Monday 18th December 2017.  Updated price guide and Christmas holiday closure.

Our price guide has been updated only to show our new opening times since we will no longer be open on Fridays from January 2018.  However we will be open later on Tuesday and Wednesday and a few of our regular Friday customers have already changed to take advantage of these later appointments.

We are full the week before Christmas and our next available appointments are Wed 3rd Jan onwards.

We close for Christmas on Friday 22nd and re-open on Wednesday 3rd January.



Friday 1st September 2017.  What slow down?

So much for slowing down towards an early retirement!

We have just had our busiest month since Splash started way back in February 2009, with 155 bookings in August. Not surprisingly, this also equated to our highest ever takings in a month. This surpasses our last record month in May 2015 of 140 bookings.

Seems like the changes made to our booking system are paying off. Imagine what new younger owners could do with drive and determination to take the business further! To all the wannabe/start up groomers out there: Try matching that working from a shed, garage or van - that's the difference having a purpose designed setup and equipment makes...



Monday 24th July 2017.  Advance notice of Friday closing with effect from January 2018.

As part of our previously announced retirement plans, we will no longer be open on a Friday with effect from January 2018.  Our original plan was to do this in October 2016 but as we were about to change how our appointments were booked kept the Friday and made a couple of extra slots available by staying open 2 hours longer.

The change had a big impact on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday booking availability, but oddly - not on Friday.  So we are reverting to our original plan of being closing on a Friday but will be extending opening on Tuesday and Wednesday to 7pm closing, which will allow most regular Friday morning bookings to be accommodated by moving to early evenings instead.

December 2016 Price Guide available here


Thursday 1st December 2016.  New price list with effect immediately.

Please note that there is no change in price at the moment.  The only changes on this price guide concern late cancellations and no shows, plus we are no longer able to accommodate extra large (and some large) dogs.  Also, our later opening time on a Friday is now changed to 3pm from 1pm.


Friday 18th November 2016. Increased appointment availability from December 2016

Following on from the previous news post below: Far from slowing down or cutting back in preparation for retirement, we have been looking at how we can INCREASE appointment availability.

We will be restructuring how we we schedule appointments from the 1st December.  In addition, we have always had a high demand for Friday appointments, so will be extending our opening hours to 3pm from 1pm on a Friday.  These changes will allow us to accommodate an extra 6 to 8 appointments per week, putting our availability up by around 25%.

Since the two weeks before Christmas are almost fully booked now, as an extra bonus this year, we will be opening in between Christmas and New Year as follows:

Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th: 9am to 6pm
Friday 30th: 9am to 3pm

We are expecting these appointments to fill up quickly, so if you want one, get in touch soon - don't wait 'till the last minute to avoid disappointment.

Do NOT try to book or check availability by email, message or text, You MUST phone for these days as they will fill up too fast to play media ping-pong.  It's always quicker and easier to book with us by phone in any case.


Cover Letter

Sales Brochure (updated 31/03/2017)

Prospective Purchaser Confidentiality Agreement



A year ago we made it known here, without advertising anywhere else, that we were ready to sell our business.  We have had a few tentative enquiries, but nothing concrete in the way of a serious interested party.

A problem mentioned by one quite recently was, there wasn't enough time left on the lease.  Well, that has now changed as we have just renewed for another five years.  So we have now updated our sales brochure (link on the left).

For many of our existing customers that ask if we are retiring soon, "not yet", and the new lease gives us until September 2021 to hopefully find a suitable buyer.



Monday 6th June 2016. Monday appointments for a limited time only

We have been inundated with calls for appointments over the past couple of weeks and as a consequence have very little space left up to the end of June.  To compound matters, we are closed from the 29th June to the 5th July inclusive, so appointment availability is already pushing further out into July.

Many requests have been for Mondays in the run up to the busy summer holiday period - so for the first time ever;

WE WILL BE OPEN FOR APPOINTMENTS ON MONDAY 13th - now fully booked as of 7th June, 20th - now fully booked as of 9th June AND 27th - now fully booked as of 20th June - told you they'd fill up fast! OF JUNE 2016 ONLY.

Do NOT try to book or check availability by email, message or text, You MUST phone for these days as they will fill up too fast to play media ping-pong.  It's always quicker and easier to book with us by phone.


Missed Appointments Information Poster



Thursday 26th May 2016. No Shows and Late Cancel Appointments

Since we started way back in 2009, we have had a discretionary "two strikes and you are out" policy in our conditions in respect of missed appointments.  However the increasing number of customers failing to turn up or calling in on the day, in some cases just several minutes before they were due in, to say they couldn't make it for a multitude of reasons we've head before has become unacceptable.  We have been sending text and/or email reminders now for over 2 years but we have now revised this to sending them one week before and also the day before but despite this are still getting the odd NO SHOW.

So it is with a degree of regret that we are now applying the condition rigorously to NO SHOW and LATE CANCELS alike, except for provable exceptional circumstances.  The reasons for this are in the poster which is now displayed in prominent positions in the Studio and is in the link the the left.


Rent a Table Information Sheet

Table Space Rental Confidentiality Agreement


Monday 25th April 2016. Table Space Rental for other Groomers

The recent sunshine must be the cause, as we have had two enquiries in as many weeks about renting table space from us.  Five years ago when we announced that we had purchased and were about to start refurbishing the property that would become our Studio, we also made it known that we would be making up to three table spaces available for other groomers to rent from us.  [The link is within the 5th May 2011 news item further down below, then scroll right to the bottom of the page]  We never had any any interest noted so when the Studio opened in October 2011 we didn't bring that facility offer into the main site.

However, we do have table spaces for rent and the information is in the box opposite.  Please read the Information Sheet to understand the criteria for prospective renters, as we won't just allow anyone into our business environment, plus you must complete the Confidentiality Agreement before we will even let you in the door and discuss the matter further.  On the other hand, once you show you meet the criteria and you are in, we are very relaxed about any form of commitment to using the facilities you might have - it's entirely up to you when and how often you want to use them.  There is no contract to sign up to a minimum rental period and you can come and go as you please.

Get in contact with us if this is something you would be interested in to progress your grooming business.


Advanced Booking MS Excel® spreadsheet  

Monday 4th January 2016. Advanced Block Bookings

Happy New Year to all our customers, and for those of you that normally block book for the year ahead and haven't done so yet, please feel free to use the Spreadsheet as usual and email it to us.  You can either start a fresh one or update an existing one that you have sent before.

Please note that our charges will be at current prices and not discounted like last year, as we are not planning any price increase this year. However, if that decision changes during the course of 2016, your prices will stay at the current rate.



Monday 23rd November 2015. IT Systems revamp

Just as we said in the last sentence on 2nd Nov, we have just completed a refresh of our IT infrastructure which means we are no longer using non supported Windows or Office software.  So XP is gone and we are now running the latest Windows 10 with Office 2016 via an Office 365 business subscription - both of which are continuously kept up to date automatically including any future new versions.  We have also outsourced our email which additionally means we can get mail anywhere on any device plus we have 1Tb of cloud storage for data backup.

For the next owner of Splash, this major change and investment future proofs the IT infrastructure and gives full offsite backup for disaster recovery and is much easier to administer than our previous all in-house setup.


Cover Letter

Sales Brochure

Prospective Purchaser Confidentiality Agreement


Monday 2nd November 2015. OUR BUSINESS IS FOR SALE

A fantastic and very rare opportunity to acquire a highly profitable business with an exceptionally large, and still growing customer base, is here -


Please see the links opposite for more details if you are interested in owning and operating the best dog grooming business in South East Scotland.

We have put our business up for sale as a going concern as Mr Splash is able to fully retire a few years earlier due to the April 2015 pension changes. It’s no secret that Mr Splash has already taken early retirement (almost 6 years ago), hence our short working week.  So we are simply bringing forward the existing plan that we started this business for.

Being realistic, it can take many months or even years to sell a small business like ours, especially in a specialist market.  A previous one took 11 years to sell!  So we would like to assure customers that while it’s possible, it’s unlikely a sale for our business will be concluded in the short term, and that there will be no change to our service or bookings for the foreseeable future.  Quite the opposite, we are still developing our services, equipment and growing the business to maintain our position as the best facility in East Lothian.


Advanced Booking Spreadsheet available here


Tuesday 30th December 2014.  2015 Advance Booking offer.

Hopefully you will have noticed our price change notification on the website and on the posters in the Studio since the notification made last September, which is effective from 1st January 2015.

Offer not to be missed: Download and complete our advanced booking spreadsheet and commit to booking with us for the coming year and the price you pay per appointment will be at the pre-increased price!

Hurry, this offer expires on Friday 30th January 2015 and can even be applied to an existing January booking you may already have with us, but we MUST receive your completed spreadsheet (or a list of preferred dates and times by any method) back BEFORE you come for your appointment otherwise your appointment will be charged at the new price.

Any advance booking spreadsheets received after the offer expiry date will be booked at the new prices.

Please note that if you miss an appointment without giving at least 24 hours notice your prices for all following appointments will revert to the new pricing and if you miss two appointments the remaining bookings will be automatically cancelled.  You can request a change of date and/or time of any appointment at any time up to 24 hours before it is due, but it will be subject to availability.

This proved to be a successful promotion with just over 100 bookings made right up to Easter 2016, which equates to £500 of savings made by loyal customers.

January 2015 Price Guide available here for advance viewing


Friday 12th September 2014.  Notice of price changes with effect from 1st January 2015.

How many businesses do you know over the past 4 years that have not increased prices?  In fact we actually adjusted some prices down in the last couple of years, but unfortunately due to the rising costs of consumables, tools, staff and utility charges we can no longer maintain our prices at the 2010 level.  We are giving our customers an unprecedented 3 months notice from today that as of  1st January 2015, all published prices will increase by only £5 compared to the current price guide.

We have been told by customers polled in recent weeks that we will still be exceptionally good value for the service we provide compared to others as it is just a modest increase.  All our previous price guides are still available on our news page for comparison on the dates they were introduced, and we will still be maintaining our all inclusive "no hidden prices" policy.

Please note that there is NO increase in the price for the no appointment drop in nail clipping service, pre-cutting, cancellation, minimum charge or clean up charges.

An updated price guide showing the change is available here


Friday 21st August 2014.  Hand Stripping service withdrawn.

Unfortunately due to the repetitiveness of hand stripping increasingly causing aggravation to an old wrist injury sustained many years ago, I am no longer able to offer hand stripping as a service.

Many groomers who regularly hand strip eventually suffer the effects of arthritis or a repetitive strain injury.  Although this form of grooming only makes up a very small percentage of the 1200 dogs that come to us I have noticed lately that the after effects of strain on my wrist are lasting for several hours longer than I used to experience.  So to prevent further problems manifesting from the strain hand stripping causes, I have regrettably taken the decision to cease offering the service from immediate effect.




Friday 25th July 2014.  Persistent Barking.

Please note that we have had to highlight in our conditions that we cannot accept for grooming dogs that persistently bark when being washed, dried or table worked.  We have to consider and take seriously the disturbance that is caused to our neighbours by dogs who persistently bark as we are in a residential area with flats all around us.

We may have to call you and ask you to collect your dog immediately in these cases and you have to accept that it may not be dry or groomed to your instruction.

We also have to consider the Health and Safety issues of persistent barking on ourselves.  It is a disturbance for our neighbours but it is a health hazard for us - we have recorded dogs barking here in our sound reduced bathing rooms which have been 106dB 3M outside the room.  It's not good for our neighbours and it's not good for us, so please be understanding and don't be upset or offended with us if we say we cannot have your dog back with us again.





Tuesday 22nd July 2014.  Text appointment reminders.

After upgrading our booking software last week we are now able to send out text reminders to customers as well as emails of their next appointment a few days before.

Often customers simply forget their appointment or go on a last minute holiday and not cancel the appointment they have with us.  It may be a minor inconvenience to customers to have to rebook again (currently 3 to 4 weeks lead time) but for us is a wasted appointment if a "no show" as we give up to 15 minutes for late arrivals and by then is usually too late to get it filled by another waiting for a cancellation as the total delay would throw out the schedule for the rest of the day.  Not getting notice of the appointment being no longer being required also means that we could not offer it to someone else so a missed appointment is a "double whammy".

As we have many more mobile numbers for customers than email addresses, the new text reminder service should in theory cut down the vast majority of no shows due to forgetting the appointment, plus we can track that it has been delivered as well so the old excuse of "I forgot" should be a thing of the past!




Wednesday 7th August 2013.  1,000'th doggy customer.

We only just realised that at the end of last week we booked in our 1,000th new customer into our booking database.  This means that in under two years since we opened the Studio, our customer base has grown by almost 70%!


Potty Emma website



Tuesday 9th July 2013.  Paw Imprints now available.

We are now stocking Potty Emma Paw Imprint kits.  Give yourself a lasting memory of your puppy's paw prints preserved in clay and framed for only £35.  Have this done prior to your dog being groomed at an appointment or just drop in and have it done.


An updated price guide showing the new times is available here



Wednesday 12th June 2013.  Change to Friday Appointments Availability from July 2013.

As you will appreciate, dog grooming is a messy business and we are constantly cleaning with a full clean up at the end of the week.  This generally means a 9pm finish on a Friday which we are no longer able to do with other weekend commitments.

From July 2013 we will no longer be accepting appointments on a Friday which would finish later than 1pm to allow us to carry out our weekly deep clean on a Friday afternoon.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause some of our customers.




Saturday 25th May 2013.  Pipe Band Sponsorship.

We are proud to help sponsor the formation of a Juvenile Band within Cockenzie and Port Seton RBL Pipes and Drums by providing them with a new Bass Drum.  The larger drums the band has are much to big and heavy for the smaller members to use and carry.  With the addition of the smaller one, everyone now wants to be a Bass Drummer!  Well done to Connor on his first time out with the band at Penicuik Gala.  Watch out for the Juvenile band at Port Seton Gala on the 8th June as they are taking part with the main band, but are also taking on some playing roles as their own band as well during the parade and escorting the new Gala Queen.

Click on the photo to go to the band's web site for more info or to book them for a function.  They can provide pipers, mini bands, juvenile band or the full band.  Any size to suit your budget.


A printable PDF of our price guide is available by clicking this text.



Wednesday 22nd November 2012.  New Guide Price list for 2013 now available.

Following on from the earlier news items in May and October this year in relation to the change in services and opening times, we have revised our Guide Price List which takes effect from 1st January 2013.  This is now available in advance of the changes just so everyone knows about them as soon as possibleThe look of it has been revised to make it easy for new customers to find us and get all our essential contact details on your smart phone.

Click on the link opposite to get your printable copy.

As a quick summary:
All prices stay the same except for one lowered price (the starting price for extra large dogs).  We've expanded, renamed and re-banded the example breeds/sizes to make pricing a bit clearer.  As always, prices are a guide as actual costs for a particular dog are dependant on many factors on presentation for grooming - size, coat density/condition, desired/achievable end result, work/appointment time needed, temperament, etc.

The other changes are the change in opening hours now being Tuesday to Friday (closed Saturday, Sunday & Monday), The DIY facility closing plus we are also ceasing collect and returns.

As well as making the price guide available in advance, we've also updated the website pages in advance as we only have two remaining Saturdays left that we are open in December and they are both fully booked.  The DIY is still open up to Christmas.  The pricing and the conditions of use can still be found on the price guide downloadable below in the 26th March news item, as well as in the Studio when visiting. 

Click here to go to C&PS RBL Pipes & Drums Band's Facebook Page


Tuesday 20th November 2012.  Christmas Craft Fair.

Come along to Cockenzie & Port Seton British Legion on Sunday 25th November between 12pm to 3pm and support the local community Pipe Band.

We have a table there too with some of our doggy retail goods for sale as well as advent calendars for dogs (and cats too), so pop along and see us as well as the other exhibiters stalls.  There's loads of interesting stuff to see and buy plus a raffle, cup cake decorating and tattoo's for the kids, tombola, tea, coffee and home made cakes - plus a few tunes from the band as well!



Monday 1st October 2012.  Advance notification of opening hours changing and the DIY facility closing.

From January 2013 we will no longer open on a Saturday plus our DIY facility will close.

We have been closing two Saturdays a month since July and will be extending this to every Saturday, so we will only be open from Tuesday to Friday from 1st January 2013.  Opening longer on a Thursday to compensate for the very few customers we have that can only come to us on a Saturday is under consideration, but only if there is sufficient demand for it.

Following the staff expansion last month and the increased appointment capacity as a result, we are needing to replace our smaller fixed height bath with a larger electric lift bath to alleviate the problem of larger dogs being booked for the same or overlapping appointment slots.  Unfortunately, the DIY service has not been used as much as we had first hoped.  Unless there is a dramatic and sustained increase in demand by Christmas, we can make better use of the existing DIY bath by moving it through the back instead of buying another new one.


Tuesday 28th August 2012.  Service Enhanced.

Following the successful completion of Pet Care Trade Association run courses yesterday and today, we now have three Animal First Aiders as well as three Certificates of Competence in Microchipping.  Please note that although being animal first aiders, we are unable to diagnose illness or dispense medicines, so veterinary advice should be sought for your dog's ailments.

It looks highly likely that legislation will be introduced soon requiring ALL dogs to be identifiable by being microchipped, regardless of age or breed type.  This will supplement the existing Control of Dogs Order 1992, which requires all dogs in public places to have a collar with a tag identifying the owner by name and address with a contact phone number being optional, but advised to be included.



Monday 20th August 2012.  SDG is growing again.

Other groomers in East Lothian may have recently given up for whatever reason, but we just keep growing and gaining ever more new customers.

Since we opened the Studio last October we have seen a steady rise in our customer base at the rate of around 10 a week and the demand for our service is now starting to push out our first available appointment date further and further into the future again.  It has only taken 10 months to fill the increased capacity of the Studio compared to when we were just a mobile service, and by the end of August we'll have almost doubled our customer base to 750 dogs from 400 last year!  We currently groom between 120 and 150 dogs per month compared to around 80 to 100 when we were mobile.

We have had assistance one day a week for the past few months from friend/customer and fellow Poodle owner Gillian, and we are delighted to announce that she will be joining us full time as a trainee groomer in September.  It will take about a year for her to get fully trained up to our standards but we should start to see an increase in our appointment availability again within two or three months as Gill gets more involved in all aspects of our business and completes her initial training.


Monday 21st May 2012.  Change to opening hours & holiday dates.

From July 2012 we will not be open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month in addition to our normal Sunday and Monday "weekend" closure.

To confirm, the extra dates we will now be closed until the end of the year are: 14th & 28th July, 11th & 25th August, 8th & 22nd September, 13th & 27th October, 10th & 24th November, 8th & 22nd December.

A few of these dates already overlap with scheduled school holidays when we are already closed between the 7th to 16th July, the 13th to 22nd October and the 22nd December to the 2nd January 2013.

A printable PDF of our price guide is available by clicking this text.


Monday 26th March 2012.  New Guide Price list.

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised in these austere times, that even though we have not had a major price review for over two years and invested a huge amount in our service, we have been able to REDUCE some of our prices to reflect what we have actually been charging these past few months!

Our new revised price guide effective from April 2012 is available to download opposite.  As a quick summary, we have lowered the published prices for small and medium dogs, increased the starting price for hand stripped dogs, introduced an additional charge for dogs that require pre-clipping prior to bathing to remove excess or matted coat plus a charge for non-grooming customers nail clipping as notified earlier this month.

We have dispensed with maintenance grooming prices as the vast majority of dogs are booked in for a full groom.  We do have some dogs on ongoing maintenance programmes, an example is now included on the Maintenance Groom page.


Friday 23rd March 2012.

Our customer records have now all been entered into our booking software.  Please be patient when you next come for an appointment so we can verify your details are correct.  Our glamorous receptionist may also call to confirm details if you are not due in/haven't been in for a while.

Once we have corrected any typo's and checked we have your current mobile number and email address we will be able to automatically issue appointment reminders by text and/or email if.  We already know that some don't have email addresses or simply don't wish to give them out.  We understand fully that there is enough junk email out there, but we can assure you that we will ONLY use it for reminders if you wish to give it to us.  We don't have emailed newsletters, but even if we did you would have to opt-in as the software has this feature set to opt-out by default.

A printable PDF of our nail clipping guide is available by clicking this text.


Monday 12th March 2012.  Free nail clipping.

We have been carrying out free nail clipping for a number of months without appointment - just drop in and if we have the time and your dog is compliant to the process we would do it for free!  Not surprisingly word has been getting around about this and since vets charge around £11 to £15 for this, we are constantly getting asked to perform this task which is becoming quite disruptive to our appointment schedule.  So from April 2012 we will only be continuing this as a free service for existing grooming customers and a nominal charge of £5 for non-grooming customers will be introduced.  We have a hand out on nail clipping which you may find interesting which is available to download opposite.

A printable PDF of our price guide is available by clicking this text.


Friday 17th February 2012.  DIY SHOW PREPARATION.

Our conditions and price guide have been updated with information on the use of the DIY Room equipment and facilities.  You can download and print a copy from either of the Grooming Pages.


Monday 6th February 2012.  DIY SHOW PREPARATION.

Are you attending any dog shows in the area, such as the Scottish Kennel Club Show on the 18th to 21st May?  Why not book to use our DIY Booth to get your dogs coat in prime condition immediately before exhibiting?  If there is enough demand we might stay open late on the evenings before the shows and allow all of our facilities to be available in addition to the DIY Booth.  As you would expect from a professional studio, we have fixed and electric lift baths all fitted with our own water efficient proprietary designed and manufactured "Splash Shower" recirculating hydrobath units which have 4 shower head settings for gentle and deep cleaning of any coat type, fixed and electric lift grooming tables, blasters and dryers as well as a large range of Kelco concentrated professional shampoos and conditioners - or you could use your own.  Please ensure to give us a call well in advance to book a time and ensure we can fit you in.

    Tuesday 31st January 2012. The DIY Booth is now fully open and has already been used by a Bernese Mountain Dog, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler!
    Thursday 26th January 2012. THE DIY BOOTH IS NEARLY READY FOLKS! The shower units are all built and plumbed with the electrical control boxes for the pumps scheduled for completion this weekend.  So all being well, the facility should be available for use from Tuesday 31st January.
    Thursday 4th January 2012. A Happy New Year to all our present and future customers.  This is our first day back since closing on Christmas Eve and we are raring to go!  It's not been all merry making and relaxing though, as we spent the last couple of days pressing on with the manufacture of our two remaining "Splash Shower" units, so the DIY booth should finally be up and running very soon!  We have had lots of interest in this since opening in October and with pretty much everything else all done and working how we want, it is our top priority to get this operational ASAP, so keep checking back here for the opening date this month.

A printable PDF of our price guide is available by clicking this text.

The newsletter sent to our few remaining mobile customers at this time is available for downloading here

  Friday 2nd December 2011. Although we had intended to close our mobile service at Christmas, today was our very last mobile grooming day ever, as we have now sold our van to a new start up groomer based in the Dunbar area.  We wish Julie Melville, who also trained at Scotgroom, all the best in her new venture and hope she has as much good fortune as a mobile groomer as we had.

We have updated our price list and conditions to remove the mobile service, which can be downloaded from the link on the left.

    Sunday 27th November 2011. We are finally making some progress on getting our DIY and remaining grooming room baths operational, with the mechanics of the shower units almost built, and the electric control boxes to follow.  We have just about completed the installation and setup of our computer systems so will hopefully have entered in all our customers details into the booking software by the end of January.
    Friday 25th November 2011. Looks like we will be ceasing even earlier than Christmas as we have a buyer for our van which will probably be leaving us in the first week of December! This means our very last mobile van service day will be the 2nd December 2011. Customers with mobile appointments after this date will automatically have them transferred to Studio appointments for the same date and time. We will call or write to confirm that this is suitable or if a different date would be more convenient if you are able to change to the Studio. This change of service will also mean our opening hours at the Studio will be changing, so we will be open all day on a Friday and it won't just be for DIY.

  Thursday 17th November 2011. To make payments easier for our customers, we are now able to take debit/credit card payments in addition to cash and cheques.

The newsletter handout given to mobile customers at this time is available for downloading here


Monday 31st October 2011.  We will be ceasing our mobile grooming van service permanently from Christmas 2011 and will be putting the van up for sale.

As most of our customers have been made aware over the past four months whilst we were refurbishing the Studio that our mobile service would be reduced once we opened.  Initially, we thought that we would have to operate it in 8 locations with a couple of those sometimes needing 2 days a week.  As we got nearer to opening the Studio, it was apparent that we would only need to operate in 5 locations one day a week, but to make that worthwhile we would need to have between 6 and 8 dogs booked plus extend the mobile grooming day by one hour.  We even removed the generator and added a new 210 litre water tank so we could cope with more dogs as we only had enough to do 6 with the original built in 140 litre tank.  However, of the mobile days allocated since the Studio opened to the end of this year, the majority are only booked to around half capacity or less.  Over the last two Fridays, we had only 1 booked and 2 booked respectively.

In the run up to the Studio opening, we had a 95% customer conversion rate changing from the mobile service.  Since opening that has increased to 98% and we simply don't have enough bookings on the mobile days to even cover the costs of keeping it going.  The rate of change over has far outstripped our expectations, plus having increased capacity at the Studio we've been able to cater for every single new customer enquiry for a booking within a few weeks instead of a few months.  That is a huge difference for us as we used to lose around 3 new bookings every day as we could only fit in around 10 new customers a month because of all our advance bookings.  This increase in new customer take up has compounded our decision to cease the mobile service.  From opening the Studio just a few weeks ago, we have been able to take on and service twice as many new customers than we have existing mobile bookings over the next 6 months.

It is unfortunate and regrettable as we know that for those few mobile customers we still have, it will be a great inconvenience to them to lose this service.

We had hoped that there may be another home based East Lothian Groomer who maybe wanted to extend their service range by hiring our van for the days we weren't using it. Our remaining mobile customers could be transferred to them if they wanted to hire or buy our van, but this has not happened. Now we are publicising the service is ceasing, perhaps that will change and customers can still get a mobile service

If there are any groomers out there reading this and would like to own, what is probably the best set up K9 converted grooming van in the country, please contact us.  We have incorporated dozens of modifications and improvements over the last three years to the standard K9 conversion so you can maximise your throughput and earnings.  With the additional 210 litre water tank, you have up to 350 litres or hot water available, so you could even just use the van as a static salon at your house without going mobile at all, cutting out all the travelling time plus keeping all the mess contained in the van and out of your house or garage!  There is heating for the winter and air conditioning for the summer plus loads and loads of other improvements.  We have successfully assisted other groomers start up their mobile service from scratch based on what we have done with ours, so can help you with your mobile grooming business too!

The newsletter handout given to customers at this time is available for downloading here



Thursday 5th May 2011.  For the people of East Lothian, the Scottish Parliament election on May 5th may be regarded as a historic, land mark event in Scottish history.  But what has got the dogs of East Lothian excited is the news that on the very same day, Splash Dog Grooming added a Studio premises to it's service portfolio in Cockenzie High Street!

We have moved the news item that was originally posted here to a dedicated Grooming Studio News page created to keep our customers up to date with developments.


Saturday 2nd April 2011.  That's the end of another trading year for us, and what a year it's been.  For those of you who like numbers, here's some stats on us for 2010/11.

Total dogs groomed: 1041, average customer repeat rate: 82%, new customers added: 187, total customer dogs: 550, average dogs groomed per month: 87, highest months: July 2010 (106 dogs) and March 2011 (103 dogs), most groomed dogs in a day: 8, average fully booked days ahead to a free appointment: 49 days, furthest ahead a customer wanted to repeat book: 3 years!

A great big THANK YOU to all our customers!

For those of you that have had difficulty in getting appointments, we hope to be making an important announcement very soon that will allow us to more than double our capacity - keep checking back.

Download our Excel Spreadsheet here to help you easily work out advance bookings which you can then email to us.  

Sunday 16th January 2011.  We have now caught up will all the postponed bookings due to Decembers snow and are taking lots of advance repeat bookings again for this year.  We are currently full to early March, and it is about 3/4 full as of today.

To make it easy for everyone to work out an advance repeat booking schedule, we've created an Excel spreadsheet that does all the calculations for you which you can then email to us.  See opposite.


Christmas Eve 2010.  Phew, what a month December turned out to be!  We are now finished and taking a short break before getting back to business on the 5th January 2011.

Thanks to everyone who made 2010 an incredible year for us.  We have increased our customer base by almost 45% since April.  Keep looking here for an important announcement we hope to make in the next 3 or 4 months which will allow us to accommodate even more customers and reduce our booking timescales by increasing our capacity to serve your doggy needs!  Have a very merry festive break and here's to a great 2011 for all!

Severe Weather Notification   Tuesday 21st December 2010.  We have managed to reduce our backlog from around 20 to 5 dogs over the past week by extending the working day and using our normal days off, but the extreme cold overnight is now causing problems with the Hydrobath water pump and delivery pipe work as well as the bath drain, which takes time to rectify each morning causing some disruption to the first bookings of the day.  There are still some difficulties with the current spate of snow and ice which have caused us to revert to collect and returns again for some customers.  With more snow forecast for our area tomorrow we are expecting it to become more difficult to operate our service.  We thank customers for being so understanding at this busy time.
Severe Weather Notification   Monday 13th December 2010.  Thankfully the thaw over the past few days has allowed us to catch up on a few of the cancelled appointments from the last two weeks but we still have 15 dogs needing rescheduled somehow.  The concern is the next weather front closing in from the North on Thursday through the weekend will bring more cancellations instead of allowing us to catch up some more on Sunday and Monday.  We'll just have to see what happens an hope it's not a repeat of the last two weeks!  If it is though, we will just have to offer collect/returns again as below.
Severe Weather Notification   Monday 6th December 2010.  As you all will have experienced, today's snow fall is exceeding predictions and was reckoned to have stopped by 11:30am but is still falling mid-afternoon.  That's another 4cm today so far.  At least the kids got out the house to school, but it looks like that may not happen tomorrow and add to the disruption again.  Whilst we managed to get to one appointment on Saturday, the van got stuck trying to get to the second and then again getting back home.  So as we can't safely get parked up in residential areas and ensure we can get moving again afterwards, we will only be able to groom dogs for the foreseeable future that can be brought to us or if we can get to you for a collect/return in the Freelander, but only if you are within about 3 miles radius of us.
Severe Weather Notification   1st & 2nd December 2010.  All appointments cancelled today except those that live nearby that can bring their dogs to us. Our street hasn't been cleared and although we "might" be able to get the van out, we wouldn't be able to get it back in as the snow is about a foot deep either side with only a single track up the middle, so we could end up blocking the road trying to get it in or out. We couldn't even get to one location yesterday with the Freelander as the road was blocked with stuck vehicles at either end. From calling around over the last couple of days it's pretty much the same situation everywhere else. What we will do once things start to get back to "normal", is use our Sunday/Monday days off and early evenings to catch up with the backlog.
Severe Weather Notification   30th November 2010.  All appointments were cancelled today unfortunately, and the chance of getting the van out and back in again here is pretty much zero.  However, the windscreen depot in Bilston was back open today and they were able to replace the Freelander's cracked windscreen - Hooray!  So although we unlikely to get out with the van over the next day or so, we will be able to offer a free collect/return for dogs in the towns in our immediate vicinity as an alternative.  So if you are in Port Seton, Cockenzie, Prestonpans, Tranent, Longniddry or Macmerry you are in luck, but travelling further than that won't allow enough time between grooms - sorry.  So if you are not in any of these towns, we will have to try and reschedule as best we can once things get back to normal.
Severe Weather Notification   29th November 2010 - Severe weather notice.  It is highly likely that appointments are going to get disrupted over the next few days or even weeks as we currently have 17cm of snow and it's still falling.  The problem isn't so much getting around on the main roads, but getting safely parked up and being able to pull away again from the roadside.  We can't even offer a collect and return service in our Land Rover Freelander like we did in January, as it suffered a stone chip on Saturday which has now developed into a huge crack in the windscreen.  Not surprisingly we we can't get it replaced due to the weather!
Dixie needs rehomed   26th October 2010
We managed to assist re-homing Dixie in May this year but it was only temporary as the children were so upset at her leaving.  However, there is a serious illness in the family and it is just not possible for them to keep her now, so we are trying to re-home her again as soon as possible.

Dixie is a 3 year old Tibetan Terrier/Spaniel cross.  She has no medical problems, fully vaccinated, is very good natured and loves a good long walk.  She is very good with children, is house trained and doesn't chew up anything.  November: Dixie has been re-homed in Fife with a relation of the family.

  14th October 2010
Our holiday cottage in Jedburgh is now available for booking via our other website at www.CaledoniaCottages.co.uk.  It has been refurbished by us over the past three months specifically to be dog and child friendly.  So if you are looking for a "staycation" not too far from home, why not have a look at what is offer in the area.  The cottage sleeps up to 8 and we have offers for Hallow'een and all of November.
Start sending us your booking requirements for 2011, as 2010 is now fully booked!   14th October 2010
As of today, with the exception of possible cancellations becoming available, we are now FULLY BOOKED for this year.  As a consequence, many of our repeat customers are already booking in advance to the end of 2011 to ensure they get their appointments allocated and their dogs regularly maintained.

One of the easiest ways to book in advance is to email us your preferred dates or days which are/aren't suitable, stating whether mornings or afternoons are best.   Just let us know your name, address and a contact phone number plus brief details of your dog(s) and your preferred cut or style - same length all over, short but not too short, with/without feathers/skirt or whatever.  We will do our best to allocate what you want, or suggest alternatives where we may already be fully booked or let us work out a schedule for you.  We are here to help, just let us know your requirements.

  14th August 2010
Our pet friendly holiday cottage in the Scottish Borders is almost finished being refurbished and will be available to let from early September.  Located in Jedburgh with commanding views over the scenic Borders countryside, it is fully equipped with all the modern comforts of home you could wish for and is only an hour from Edinburgh and the Lothians.  With many holiday companies going bust this year plus strikes at airlines and airports leaving thousands stranded, why put up with the uncertainty and cost of foreign travel when there is so much to see and do almost on your own doorstep - and even better, you can take your dog with you!

Please see our other website www.CaledoniaCottages.co.uk for more information.

Splash Dog Grooming has


dog grooming van

  24th May 2010
It's official - the SDG grooming van is the COOLEST way to get your dog groomed, thanks to our newly installed air conditioning unit.  Summer is here and it's fair to say that it can get incredibly hot in the van when the sun does grace our normally grey Scottish sky and the dryer is pumping out high velocity hot air.  Being a hot dog or a hot groomer is not comfortable, but now we can all stay cool and get the job done with less stress when the temperature is on the up.
Dixie needs rehomed   26th April 2010
Dixie is a 2 year old Tibetan Terrier/Spaniel cross and his owner in Tranent would like to re-home her.  She has no medical problems and is very good natured, but needs more walking than his busy owner can give her.  She is very good with children, is house trained and doesn't chew up anything.

Update 4th May 2010: Another success, we have found Dixie  a new home with one of our relatives. Lots of space to burn of all that energy on a farm and will still be one of our customers.

Additional 'Tips' section added to site   2nd April 2010
We have now split the News & Links page into separate pages, and added a grooming tips section with the links.
New price guides come into effect. Click here to get a printable copy.   2nd April 2010
New guideline price lists come into effect from today, but please note that all bookings made in advance during the last quarter remain at the old prices with an additional 10% discount.  All new bookings made from today are subject to the new pricing guides on the maintenance & full groom pages.
  1st April 2010
A big THANK YOU to all our customers new and old.  We have just  finished our first full trading year and what a year it has been.  We have groomed 800 dogs since last April and have an average 51% repeat customer bookings per month, peaking last month at 72%.  We are also fully booked almost seven weeks ahead and are around 20% advance booked right through to January 2011.

We currently have over 450 doggy customers and add around 30 new ones every month.  97% of all customers with appointments in February and March booked in advance right through to the end of the year.  These customers took advantage of our new year discount offers and gained an additional 10% off the standard price whilst protecting the cost of their grooming against our planned April price increase.

Follow us on East Lothian Buzz   4th March 2010
Our interview will be a live broadcast between 10:50 and 11:30am on Thursday the 18th March.  If anyone listens, let us know what you think of it on our Buzz page!

Update 18th March 2010: If you missed it, here's an edited, music free copy - click here and open it in your media player.

Follow us on East Lothian Buzz   26th February 2010
It would be fantastic if a caring home can be found for Ben, a nine year old Miniature Poodle.  One of his owners passed away last autumn and his remaining elderly owner doesn't feel able to give him the exercise and attention he needs.  He is a long standing regular customer of ours and has a calm temperament.  He's in excellent health with no medical problems.

Update 10th March 2010: Ben has been re-homed and we are delighted that it is with another of our customers who already has a white Toy Poodle.  As a special 'thank you' for taking him in, we have offered to groom Ben (now Bo) for half price for the rest of 2010.


Follow us on East Lothian Buzz   5th February 2010
You can now follow us on East Lothian's very own social networking site "East Lothian Buzz".  We will be giving an interview on East Coast FM sometime in March and we'll let you know when.  Click on the logo to see what the Buzz is all about.  There is a link to ECFM by clicking the Radio tab.
Brrr, it's snowy, icy, and as cold as the arctic causing other groomers salons to close or prevent you from taking your dog to a salon, but we are still managing to complete 80% of our appointments!  So long as we can get to you, park safely and ensure we can get moving again afterwards, we can groom your dog when others can't.  If we can't make it with the van, rather than cancelling or postponing the appointment, we may be able to collect and return your dog if time allows with our 4x4 Freelander for a small extra charge.  Just some more reasons why we are East Lothian's premier mobile dog service.

offer finished

  17th December 2009
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - not one, but THREE new recession busting offers to start off 2010!

one: It's back! the puppy discount is now bigger and better than when we first introduced it in April 2009.  To encourage puppy owners to have their dogs introduced to professional grooming, we are offering a massive 50% discount on all appointments taken by the 31st March 2010.  Puppies must be under 9 months old on the appointment date to qualify and must have had their second vaccination.

two: As advertised in "The East Lothian Courier" 17th December 2009.  Receive a £5 discount per dog up to a maximum of four dogs for all appointments taken between January and the 31st March 2010.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the puppy discount above or any other multi-dog appointment discounts.  Multi-dog households do not need to have all dogs booked to be groomed at the same appointment.

three: Book in advance for the whole year from January to the end of March to receive a 10% discount off every appointment from April to the end of December 2010. The more regular appointments you make, the more you save - plus the earlier you make them, the more often you can take advantage of the other two offers until the end of March as well!

Do you run a dog club or work with dogs professionally such as a trainer or at a Vet practice, kennels or pet supplies shop?  If so, you can download and print our offer to bring our services to the attention of your members or customers. (Adobe pdf reader reqd)

  21st June 2009
We have decided that showing is not for us and Roco's last show was today at the Border Union Agricultural Society Championship show in Kelso.  However, he has gone out in style with a Very Highly Commended in the puppy class and a first in the Junior class.  Perhaps we will have a try at agility with Roco once he is a bit older.  No doubt he will be able to run even faster without his show coat as he has no problem keeping up with Rio just now!
  23rd May 2009
We were unavoidably delayed in getting to the Scottish Kennel Club Show last week and arrived just as Roco's classes were finishing.  However, congratulations go to Roco's breeder Fiona Swan, as his brother Reily (Lochnevis Milan) won the Puppy class at the SKC show and is now qualified for Crufts.  His sister Eboni (Lochnevis Playgurl) was first in the Limit class too.  We did have some measure of success, as we groomed two Tibetan Terriers  the day before which came all the way up from Tamworth near Birmingham and they achieved a first and third - well done Wendy McCormack.  On the spur of the moment today we went to the Companion & Pedigree dog show at Archerfield (between Gullane and Dirleton).  Rio was second in the novelty "dog with the waggiest tail" class and Roco was first in the open pedigree puppy class.

Click here to view our photo gallery

 (opens in a separate window)

  13th May 2009
The original photo album of the before and after grooms was getting a bit large, so it has been split up into separate albums according to groups as defined by the Kennel Club.  Other dogs that aren't in these groups are catered for by the non-group album

  9th May 2009
After no placement at his first show in Perth a couple of weeks ago on his 6 month 'birthday', Roco came good at a drizzly and windy Kirkcaldy show today.  Granted there wasn't a lot in the way of competition, but he still achieved best puppy in breed plus a 2nd in the open Miniature Poodle class, plus 3rd and 4th Reserve in the Utility Minor and Puppy classes as well.

  8th May 2009
Our membership has been approved for the 'British Dog Groomers Association' which is operated by the Pet Care Trust.  For our customers, this means that we promise to abide by the BDGA's Professional Groomers' Charter, a code of practice designed to guarantee the highest standards of customer care and animal welfare.

  9th April 2009
Become a fan of Splash Dog Grooming on Facebook®.  Click the logo on the left to go to our wall.

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offer finished

  5th April 2009
Speak to any dog trainer and they will tell you that the quicker a puppy is socialised and given basic training the happier it is, plus the owner is more relaxed and confident with it.  Grooming is a vitally important part of socialisation as it gets the puppy used to being handled by a stranger as well as having its eyes, ears, paws, nails and coat maintained in good order.  Introducing a puppy to grooming by a professional and being handled frequently by it's owner, friends and family helps enormously in alleviating the potential for nervous and aggressive behaviour as it is developing and growing compared to dogs which have not been regularly groomed.  Please see more on our philosophy on puppy grooming on our 'About Us' page.

To encourage new puppy owners to have their dogs introduced to professional grooming we are offering a 25% discount voucher for you to use on appointments made and redeemed by the 3oth June 2009.  Puppies must be under 6 months old on the redemption date to qualify. (Adobe pdf reader reqd)

Customer reviews added to the web site

  30th March 2009
You can now add reviews to to the site with a link added to the menu at the top of the pages.  You can share your experience of dealing with us with other and potential customers.  Please feel free to add comments and rate our service!  As the old saying goes...

If you like what we have done, tell your (doggy) friends
If you don't, tell us!

Click here to view our photo gallery

 (opens in a separate window)

  13th March 2009
A photo gallery page has now been added to the site with a link added to the menu at the top of the pages.  Click to select one of the albums that are rotating round when it is nearest you.  Select whether you want to view as a book or a slide show from the icons above it or go back to select a different one.  When selected as a book, you can flick back and forwards through it (top and bottom left/right page corners) with your mouse.  Alternatively, click and drag the pages over with your mouse.

  4th March 2009
What a week it's been for Roco.  He passed his puppy training test last week at Posh Pets Obedience Training and won Best Baby Puppy at the monthly Broxburn & District Ringcraft Club match last night.

Not convenient for us to come to your home?  Our new collect and return service could be just what you need

  1st March 2009
We realise that even though a mobile service is very convenient, there are times when it may be even more convenient to have your dog collected and/or returned to your home or even your place of work.  By customer request, we have now introduced a limited collect and return service.  Please see the grooming pages for more information and costs.

Two FREE grooming vouchers up for grabs in the Dunedin Vets 15th anniversary raffle

  23rd February 2009
Come and see us at Dunedin Vets open day on Sunday 1st March between 11am and 2pm at the Tranent practice. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary and we have provided two free minimum groom vouchers for the raffle.  Further details are on the open day on the Dunedin Vets website via the links section below.

A4 single poster

A4 (2x A5) posters

A4 (4x A6) posters

  16th February 2009
Do you run a dog club or work with dogs professionally such as a trainer or at a Vet practice, kennels or pet supplies shop?  If so, you can download and print our posters to bring our services to the attention of your members or customers. (Adobe pdf reader reqd)

offer finished

  15th February 2009
To celebrate the launch of our mobile service we are offering a 25% discount gift voucher for you to use on appointments made and redeemed by the 31st March 2009. (Adobe pdf reader reqd)

  11th February 2009
Our black Miniature Poodle called Roco (Lochnevis Tokyo) has been entered for his first shows.  We have never shown dogs before and are just doing it for a bit of fun, but with 20 champions in his five generation pedigree we are hoping that he will manage some good results despite our lack of experience!

  1st February 2009
Splash Dog Grooming's Mobile service launches to serve the grrr-ooming needs of East Lothian's pooches with a specially converted and professionally equipped van.
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